you can help

you can help


  • My healthy lunch 

As a result of evaluation on the part of social work, the target group of children suffering from malnutrition will be identified and provided a nutritious lunch every day. That this is not offered to all children enrolled for not deprive essential responsibilities of parents. We know there are families with greater needs for their disadvantaged socio-economic situation but there are also families who are financially able to provide their children with adequate food.


  • Sponsor a child

The godparent program financially assists individual children at EducArte.

For US $ 40 (Q 300/ €30) a month you can become a sponsor and give one of our students the possibility of a full scholarship and to participate in all of our programs.

Your donation will cover the costs of the following programs:

  • scholarship for the education program or homework tutoring
  • extra-curricular programs
  • nutrition program
  • health program

Every three months you will receive a report about your godchild.



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