EducArte news

EducArte news


EducArte is a guatemalan non-governmental organization which devotes itself since 2002 to the guiding principle “social justice by the means of education and art”. In addition to the school education we attach great importance to learn and experience through artistic expression. The desired objective is to encourage and support children and young people so that they can become independent and self-sufficient adults who take responsibility and have a positive impact on their community. For that reason EducArte is understood as a community center, because our educational work includes the entire family and the community itself, always promoting a culture of peace with mutual understanding and respect. The organization works with about 70 children and their families from low-level social-economic backgrounds in the fields of education, nutrition and health. EducArte believes that education is the basis for social development and that every person has a right to education. At its core, EducArte is united by a vision of a better and more just world for all.

 images of the latest activities in EducArte







workshop of legos



puppet workshop




 we are EducArte education, health, art!!!

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