Activity Summary

Activity Summary
Highlights of EducArte actions Aug-Sept:
– Programa de Activismo en las Calles ‘Laboratorios en las Calles’. Every month, EducArte carries out an open-air laboratory in the streets of Antigua, aimed at engaging the public, making our work known and opening up conversation on controversial themes such as machista attitudes to women, violence and harrassment in the streets, different forms of violence and women as a commodity. These laboratories take place in the Parque Central and are open to the general public to participate, taking the form of a discussion group and the presentation of written materials/pictures as a talking point. This month we were delighted to be able to combine these activities with our Youth Program, taking the laboratories into public schools and sharing interesting discussions with groups of students. You can find pictures of the activity both in the Central Park and in local schools on our Facebook page.
– This month Alejandra has been working very hard to spread our message even further and has established a new YouTube channel as a platform for the sharing of feminist philosophy and ideas, to discuss EducArte’s work and to discuss pertinent issues and problems in the fight for women’s and children’s human rights, equality and justice. You can have a listen here:
– Art Program for Kids: Thanks to the continued funding from the Ege family, EducArte has continued to impart weekly art workshops to children, focusing on the development of creativity, free thinking and personal expression. Each month has focused on a different discipline, with the last month focusing on painting and drawing.
– Establishing Alliances and Participating in International Women’s Networks. EducArte always seeks to establish alliances with like-minded organizations and to participate in activities, forums and meetings. This month, we hope to participate in the National Indigenous and Community Rights Forum and to bring our project to a wider audience.
These are some of the highlights of the last months’ work. As always, EducArte continues to work with our families and students to provide our Health Program, Maleta Magica, Women’s Program and Family Support and Preprimaria and Extra-Escolar Scholarship Programs.
Challenges and Problems:
EducArte continues to face several ongoing challenges:
– Funding. We are continuing to develop strategies for fundraising on a local and international level, focusing on a) long-term grantwriting, and b) the generation of small funding on a local level. We are currently advertising for a volunteer to help assist in the organization and coordination of local fundraising events.
 Materials. As you know, much of our current funding is focused on the administrative and educational support of our programs to enable us to function and teach our students. It is an ongoing challenge to generate funding to buy materials for our myriad of programs, and something that our fundraising strategy takes into account.
– We are also focusing our fundraising strategy on the adquisicion of funds to be able to contract more staff for EducArte.

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