EducArte is a guatemalan non-governmental organization which devotes itself since 1999 to the guiding principle “social justice by the means of education and art”. In addition to the school education we attach great importance to learn and experience through artistic expression. The desired objective is to encourage and support children and young people so that they can become independent and self-sufficient adults who take responsibility and have a positive impact on their community. For that reason EducArte is understood as a community center, because our educational work includes the entire family and the community itself, always promoting a culture of peace with mutual understanding and respect. The organization works with about 70 children and their families from low-level social-economic backgrounds in the fields of education, nutrition and health. EducArte believes that education is the basis for social development and that every person has a right to education. At its core, EducArte is united by a vision of a better and more just world for all.

Our Vision

Children and adolescents should have the possibilities to become independent and responsible protagonists of their own lifes  who actively shape and participate in community life.

Our Mission

To create better preconditions for the development and education of our students. Our main focuses are: education, nutrition, mental and physical well-being and free expression of thoughts and feelings.


EducArte was founded in 1999 by Alejandra Hernández and her friends who pursued a common philosophy. Beginning with creative and artistic activities for children during the holidays EducArte was an instant success and soon turned into a big project with a lot of potential for development. Over the years the organization has grown steadily to be called today: Community Center EducArte.
It resembles almost a social movement, because EducArte is present and is moving not only the community of Ciudad Vieja, but also is recognized in Antigua, in Sacatepéquez and other parts of Guatemala.


EducArte has responded to the lack of social services in Ciudad Vieja and had a positive impact on its users. The community center has promoted the development of social awareness and constructive criticism from members of the community, which in turn contributes to the welfare of society. In fact, EducArte receives positive feedback from the community. This is reflected in the long list of children who want to be included in EducArte as well as to the large number of participants at public events the organization is hosting. Eventually, EducArte has shown that solidarity can bring amazing changes. Moreover, it has become a crucial part of the social network of the community.