In the areas of promotion, logistics, research, monitoring, management.
Women and Men all over the world interested in participating and giving support from areas of promotion, research, monitoring, financial management, cultural arts management with an interest in networks and cultural exchange.
· Open to discuss different ways of thinking.
· Willing to investigate and learn about the state of health, education, art and violence in Guatemala.
· Free access to social networks and technologies.
· Willing to team work.
· Willing to debate.
· Willing to share ideas.
· Interested in specific areas: Promoting EducArte, financial management, training and logistical support in executing projects with girls, children, youth and women.


In the case of voluntary accompanying to work in training processes (assistants):
· Speak Spanish.
· Living in Sacatepéquez.
· willing to know about the community before to start the assistants work.
· Buy a shirt for Q80.00
· Open and willing to volunteer as required by the project.
Fill tab and request an interview for volunteering;
With Alejandra Hernández 4288 0560/
skype: alejhandrahernandez
Volunteers who want support from other countries for jobs
· Translations.
· Managing financing and fundraising for our projects.
· Supporting the sponsorship program
· Access technologies.
· Availability of a weekly virtual meeting.
· With interest in exchanging ways of working.
· With confidence and interest in the processes EducArte performed.
Contact for volunteers from abroad / in English;
Billy Ochoa
skype: billysochoa