Currently, Centro Comunitario EducArte runs 6 comprehensive programs to offer a holisitic experience for  children, their parents and the community at large.

The programs include:fotos-website-copia

1. Education programs

  • Scholarship Program 

Through the sponsorship program a partial scholarship for primary school and Secondary school can be acquired. Due to insufficient funds, unfortunately a full scholarships can not be awarded. Therefore, the parents need to adjust the lower part of the costs.

  • Extracurricular Primary School

Thanks to this program all children who exceeded the corresponding school age or those with learning difficulties have the opportunity to continue and finish primary school.

2. Health

  • Eco filter

In our institution, there are several water filters in order to offer our users and staff at all times clean drinking water. Potable water is a fundamental right that should be guaranteed not only by EducArte but also in the homes of families. For that reason EducArte promotes the Ecofiltro program explaining its importance and benefits, and also providing easy access to a water filter.

  • Dental Hygiene

Naturally we take hygiene in general very seriously, starting with personal hygiene through to properly cleaning of the facility and equipment. However, we want to promote especially dental care by providing toothbrushes and toothpaste for daily use at EducArte.

  • Trainings

Periodically, parents, staff, children and particularly the manager of the kitchen get further education about healthy food and its preparation, hygiene in the kitchen and the rest room, consumption and pollution, proper care of water, energy and food, and many other related topics. We seek a positive change of consciousness about alimentation and pollution control that is to be lived not only at EducArte, but should be a comprehensive approach to life.

3. Mobile Library 
Under the slogan “The Magic Suitcase” we visit different schools, mostly in remote areas, and participate in community events. During these visits children get the opportunity to interact with books and participate in educational games which enrich both their learning and their spelling. In addition, EducArte wants to arouse the interest and fascination of reading.

4. Arts and Crafts
We attach great importance that our educational programs are based on a fundamental principle, that is “learning through creative arts.” This program creates an additional room for children and young people to open up and unfold freely and creatively. Among other things, there is painting, circus, crafting with recycled materials, cooking and carpentry. Besides the specified offerings EducArte also enables volunteers to contribute their skills and suggestions for specific activities.

5. Social Work
EducArte is in constant communication with the families and visits their homes regularly. We always try to involve the entire family in the developmental and educational process of the children. In cases of conflicts within a family, often associated with domestic violence, mediation processes are carried out. Naturally the child’s welfare is paramount here. EducArte makes contact with other organizations or acts as an intermediary to ensure the follow-up care of specific cases. Once a month there is the “school for parents” concerning positive parenting and nurturing, among other informative topics.

6. Community Education
Main concern of this program is to influence the formation of the community and civic participation. Public events such as forums for discussions, rallies and demonstrations, art exhibitions, trainings and workshops, and many other educational games actions are organized to raise awareness of the community and encourage their members to participate actively in community life. With this initiative we want to promote solidarity and mutual understanding.
The following projects are an integral part of the program:

  • Peace education and prevention of violence in educational institutions

Since 2012 EducArte conducts annually a seven-month educational process with about 350 students from the Entrepreneur Technical Institute in Antigua (ITE), where subjects such as sex education, political participation and gender are discussed.

  • Interactive visits and tours

Social media like facebook also serve as an educational tool to encourage an exchange of ideas or opinions on certain topics, presented films or the like. So are the murals of the organization to be used with groups of visitors, to talk about the rights of children and adolescents.

  • Educational Feminism

EducArte sees itself as a feminist organization, because from its beginning we have dealt with many feminist issues without labeling it as such. That is, our daily educational work and our philosophy has always been an inherent feminism. We are empowering women and girls and teach boys and men in terms of social and political equality based on equal opportunities, rights and education, sexual and reproductive self-determination, and non-violence against women.

  • Sex education

We take our educational mission and the related responsibility for age-appropriate information and guidance of children and adolescents in relation to sexuality very seriously. With a positive self-esteem and the corresponding knowledge they are more confident, which in turn enables them to make their own and responsible decisions and to prevent sexual violence, teenage pregnancy and AIDS.
For this reason, all EducArte users receive weekly instruction in sex education and there are workshops and information sessions for young people offered. EducArte also gives talks and training about sexuality and family planning for interested adults, parents and educators from other educational institutions.
Furthermore, EducArte with other organizations and governmental departments is part of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Observatory, which undertakes the task of informing people about the law for healthy and safe motherhood and monitoring the fulfillment of the same.